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All of our Youth Sports Preformance classes are led by highly trained and experienced coaches. Classes are approximately 90 minutes in duration and follow a planned progression with the following basic structure:

What Can You Expect From Our Sports Training Sessions We customize training based on each athlete’s strengths and limitations, but a typical session will include:

  • A warm-up that is thorough and dynamic
  • A collection of explosiveness and speed drills
  • A strength training program that is age-appropriate
  • Work in sport-specific conditioning
  • Complete flexibility for a period of time
  • To avoid injury, there is a cooling-off period following each session.

Sports Performance workouts can be adjusted in weight and mechanics. This gives all athletes the flexibility to jump into a class to increase intensity or spend time focusing on weaknesses without compromising their main goal. Our programming is scalable to the experience and fitness levels of any individual whether your child is a fitness beginner or an experienced athlete. This is the reason this program gets acclaim from military personnel, professional athletes, soccer Moms, Dads, and grandparents alike.

Benefits of Youth Training

A Stronger Body

Strength is a key component of every sport. To be successful in any sport, must train specific muscles to excel at their chosen position or sport. You can do general exercises such as deadlifts and squats, or you can focus on specific strength exercises that are designed to improve your athletic abilities.

Injury Prevention And Reduction

Resistance training and other exercises for physical fitness prepare young joints and muscles for the demands of the sport. A better conditioning level reduces the chance of injury on the field. The skills athletes use to improve their game-specific performance can also help prevent injuries.

Higher Speed & Power

Many of the same techniques that were used to develop explosive power in young athletes are also used by professional NFL players. Deceleration training emphasizes proper body alignment, landing, stopping mechanics, and other aspects of acceleration. It helps athletes control gravity, jumping, and running. Reactive Plyometrics is another technique that trains your muscles and tendons to contract more. You can do medicine ball drills, hurdle jumping, or a variety of jumping.

Provides Better Flexibility

Flexibility is crucial to joint safety and sports performance. Each sport and each position requires different amounts. There are three components that affect flexibility: muscle length and elasticity, nerve system, and joint structure. Regular training improves joint mobility, posture, lowers back pain, and reduces the chance of injury.

Training Enhances Stamina

Oursports performance will devise a plan that will ensure your athlete performs at their best every time.

A No-Quitting Mindset

Observations show that one of the greatest reasons for your young athlete to work with our athletes’ performance trainers is the positive shift in their mental attitude. The trainer understands how important it is for athletes to have a positive mindset.

Sports trainers will hold them accountable and provide positive reinforcement to help them reach their goals. Your budding athlete will be able to develop a positive mental attitude and prepare for all the challenges that life throws at them.

Long-Term Life Success

Youth sports performance training has a positive impact on more than just playing sports. Through being fitter and more resilient, our students feel confident. They are more disciplined and focused than students who have not been trained in performance. These essential qualities will be a positive influence in their lives.

The role of as not just to help athletes reach their peak performance. Your child will gain more knowledge about their sport, developmental resilience, and have a better understanding of themselves and their body. Regular exercise can help to reduce stress and prevent depression. When should young athletes start sports performance training? Youth athletes should begin structured training in sports performance as soon as they turn 10. However, everyone develops differently. Children of all ages can benefit from training in sports performance.

Join us every Wednesday at 6pm at the Ohio Tap Room at 1291 West 3d Ave, Columbus, OH 43212

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